“Tourism encompasses all occurrences and relations associated with the abandonment of the customary centre of one’s life and with staying at a different destination. This leads to a variety of ways of travelling and stakeholders in tourism. Economic, ecological, cross-cultural and infrastructural objectives are at the heart of tourism policy and the work of tourism organizations. The tourism industry, thanks to its positive effects on income and employment, as well as the foreign exchange benefit, is counted as one of the most important economic sectors in many countries and regions. The growth in tourism will continue worldwide, but move between stagnation and expansion depending on the destination.” Source: Gabler economic dictionary


We offer a series of consultancy services in the tourism sector, which can range from classic marketing methods to market optimization and all the way to developing destinations and concepts.


As tourism represents a very diverse and extensive economic sector, the holistic and modular tourism model following Freyer W., Tourism: An introduction to tourism economics, 9th edition, 2009, p. 47, is cited in the following: