Healthcare facilities

The topic of healthcare facilities is an important pillar in the business activities of EB Hotel Tourismus Consulting & Management. This initially originated from own, very positive experiences as a former director of a large 4* health resort in East Austria. Furthermore, the demographic development of the population in Austria until 2050 shows an above-average overaging of society and, resulting from this, correspondingly high demand for relevant healthcare and care facilities.


The term healthcare facilities refers to:


  • Health resorts
  • Rehab centres
  • Facilities for retirement accommodation (such as senior residences, retirement homes, nursing homes)


Here EB Hotel Tourism Consulting and Management is active mainly in the areas of site selection, project and product development, turnkey implementation and, optionally, professional operation & management of the object, pleased to act as your competent and reliable partner.


According to forecasts by Statistics Austria, the current population in Austria of about 8.3 million is set to rise to 9.52 million by 2050, whereby age distribution will shift clearly towards older people. Currently, 22% of the population is 60 or older. By 2020, this figure will rise to 26%. As of 2030, more than 30% of the total population will be aged 60 and older, with life expectancy increasing concurrently (around +2 years life expectancy per decade). In absolute terms, this means that currently 1,826 M are 60 or older, in 2030 nearly one million people will be 60 years or older - i.e. 2.8 million or 54.67 % more than in 2012.