“I will be a bridgebuilder for my clients.”

(Edgar Bauer, 2012)


The mission of the EB Hotel Tourismus Consulting & Management is to enrich the business segments of Hotel industry, Tourism and those of the Healthcare facilities sector by means of positive and constructive impulses and projects, and in particular to facilitate and create a win-win situation for all parties involved.


In doing so, the following aspects are of particular importance to us and integral elements of our work:


  • Practical and practice-oriented work
  • Goal-, success- and profit-oriented in the interest of and on behalf of our clients
  • Highest requirements on quality in every respect
  • Sustainable and up-to-date project support and development taking into consideration our clients’ economic circumstances and possibilities
  • Fair, long-term and reliable partnership
  • Activities focused on the Austrian market, with pleasure internationally on request.